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Rig CallOut gives your company field data insights and job site visibility on equipment, deliveries, and personnel both in and out of location.


See why top companies in the oilfield are getting data delivered with Rig CallOut.

“I am so excited about your platform. I was able to get so much work done today because I didn’t have to make extra calls! I was able to actually eat lunch!”  

- Canadian Trucking Company Dispatcher


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Get a customized demo to see how Rig CallOut provides the data and supply chain information you need to improve your efficiency and profitability. 10-15 minutes is all it will take.

Your custom demo will include: 

  • Guided access in the actual platform highlighting the features most relevant to your needs.

  • Discussion of customized reporting options and the specific data you require.

  • Analysis of your current systems and integration through our API.

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What data does Rig CallOut deliver?

1. Work performed to verify invoices.

a) Time on location. Field Techs, Preventative Maint., stringing time, down time, demurrage time, standby time.

b) Shipment verification.

c) Duplicate Invoicing/paying for work not completed.

2. Vendor Performance.

a) Are vendors arriving on time?
b) Are they meeting the standards?
c) Are they delivering what you ordered?
d) Are their carriers reliable, safe, responsive and accountable to the requirements onsite?

3. Vendor cost reduction & standardization.

a) Do you require GPS for all your vendors?  Access GPS from any of your vendors in real-time.
b) If your vendors don’t have to bear the cost of GPS, your costs can be reduced.

How much will Rig CallOut save my company?

To put it simply, Rig CallOut will save you more time, money, and resources than you ever imagined. We’ll help you eliminate non-productive time, recover revenue you didn’t even know you were losing, and free up hours of administrative work every day.

That’s the power of data visibility.

Schedule your demo today to discuss the savings you can expect.


Who does Rig CallOut help the most?

Everyone in the oilfield.

Rig CallOut is setup so once you get on-board you can bring your entire network for free. But they only get access when they work with YOU. Until they get their own license to share with their entire network.

Be the company who INSPIRES data visibility and accountability in the oilfield. Introduce a REAL competitive advantage to working with you. Take control of your supply chain and data lake.

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