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Image by Adrien Olichon
Image by Adrien Olichon

Frequently Asked Questions


A new technology helping you harness the power of supply chain data in the oilfield is bound to spark several questions. Here are answers to the most common questions we encounter.

If your question isn’t here, we promise the answer is just a click away!

1. Do you integrate with other software (ERP/TMS/)?
Yes. We currently have external API connections to connect your systems to our data. We are working on direct integrations with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft NAV and others systems.

2. How can we access our Data?
We have external API’s so you can access the data you need, when you need it!

3. Do you have Analytics/Reporting?
Where there is data there is analytics! We believe that you know the metrics you need better than anyone, and we don’t want to confine your reporting to a one size fits all tool. We have external API’s to feed your Power BI tools and internal analytics with real-time data.

4. Do I have to have an app or can I put RigCallOut on my desktop?
You can access RigCallOut from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. It only requires a web browser. Go from your desktop at the office to your smartphone as you leave the office.

5. What about coverage in rural areas?
Field Techs and Drivers who have the iOS or Android app can run in Offline mode. The app will collect the required data and push once they arrive into an area with data coverage.

6. Will drivers and vendors use this?
Yes!  Since drivers and vendors are also our customers, we go to great lengths to provide them value through data, automated workflows, and streamlined business.  Your vendors, carriers and drivers will better serve you with RigCallOut!

7. We don’t speak English (No hablo ingles)?
Our apps and software use both English & Spanish, each user can select their language preference.

8. Who is our customer? Who pays?
Everyone in the oilfield can use Rig CallOut. E&P Companies, Midstream Companies, Service Companies, Distribution/Supplier Companies, Field Service Companies, Preventative Maintenance Companies, Trucking Companies, Hotshot Companies, and Logistics & Freight Brokers. Your company’s annual license subscription allows all of your vendors, carriers and customers access to the system for your CallOuts at no additional cost.

9. How long does implementation take?
Implementation varies by customer. The time to launch depends on the number of vendors, carriers, and customers you would like us to onboard.  We often roll out in phases over several weeks or do group virtual training. Our team will develop an onboarding plan that suits you and your team.


Our fastest implementation to date is 2.5 hours!

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