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How do I get signed up for Rig CallOut?

Rig CallOut is incredibly simple to use, and it's easy to sign up. You can start the process from our Join page, or contact a member of our sales team at 866.551.9950.

What is Rig CallOut?

Rig CallOut is a first-of-its-kind technology providing supply chain visibility to the entire oilfield – suppliers, trucking companies, dispatchers, drivers, midstream companies and upstream companies.

What is the Internet of Supply Chain (IoSC)?

Rig CallOut created this new "category" of technology and business. The idea is simple, yet technologically advanced. Connecting all aspects of your supply chain together on one platform makes it sleeker, faster, smarter and less fallible. The IoSC allows you to concentrate less on making sure people do what they say they'll do, and making sure things get where they are supposed to go - and more on what you need to do.

Do I have to download special software to use Rig CallOut?

No, Rig CallOut is a “cloud” based application that can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. Truck Drivers do download an app so the system can allow them to check-in at certain points of the delivery.

Does Rig CallOut have to integrate with my system?

Rig CallOut does not require lengthy software integrations or data migrations and can be ready to go at a moments notice. Once you have your Login established the system is ready to go.

What hardware do I have to purchase?

Rig CallOut is a cloud based platform that works with all existing hardware that you own already. Any device that can access the internet can operate Rig CallOut and RCO is optimized for mobile usage so any smart phone can run the Truckers App.

Do I have to pay for each additional user?

Licenses are established on a range of users, so no additional charges are applied while a contract is established. Contracts are reviewed annually to ensure that customers needs are being met with their specific license package.

Does Rig CallOut track drivers 24/7 or just during the callout?

RCO tracks drives only during specific callout periods. Tracking begins when a callout begins and ceases when the truck completes the delivery.

Can Rig CallOut accommodate loads with multiple stops?

Yes. At this time, Rig CallOut best practice is to setup a CallOut for each leg of your shipment. So you setup a CallOut for the first stop. Then a CallOut for the second stop. This way you see when each portion is completed.

Can rig CallOut handle yard to yard shipments?

Rig CallOut is an ideal solution for yard to yard shipments. With real time tracking and timestamp of arrivals and departures you can ensure trucks are arriving before overtime and reduce excessive charges from delays.

How is Rig CallOut different than my TMS System, they do similar functions?

While RCO may have a few similar features to a TMS software, RCO offers a range of capabilities that are completely new to the industry, including document management, cloud based servers, industry network functions, real-time supply chain notifications and a host of other features.

Do CallOut Participants get notified if I change the information on a CallOut?

Yes, as information is updated in your callout, notifications are dispatched to inform all relevant parties in real time.

Can you print a report for each CallOut?

The dashboard function is compatible with most operational reporting needs. Simply review the callout and print the dashboard for your records.

What kind of Training does Rig CallOut offer, and how much does it cost?

Rig CallOut offers comprehensive On-Boarding services for your company’s success at no additional cost. Whether you’re on the road and trying to accept a CallOut or working in an office directly on the dashboard, we have training solutions for you. We offer training in both English and Spanish to accommodate your employees.

How much mobile data does RigCallOut Trucker consume?

We have run the app 24/7 for an entire month with 140mb of data usage.

Can RigCallOut track my brokered loads?

Yes we can!

Do I need to have all my trucking companies pay for their own subscriptions?

No, we have plans available that will include your entire carrier network.

We don’t own any trucks and broker out our freight, can we use Rig CallOut?

Yes! Rig CallOut is designed to accommodate brokered loads.

All of my carriers have different portals to track deliveries. We don’t use them, how are you different?

We connect ALL suppliers to ALL carriers, so you only need RigCallOut. That’s right, just one system!

Is there a limit to the number of trucks I can track with Rig CallOut?

No, there is no limit to the number of trucks you can track. Trucks are managed through a CallOut going to a specific location. Whether your shipment requires 5 trucks or 50 trucks, they can all be managed under a single CallOut.

Does Rig CallOut connect to my CRM?

At this time we do not, but we are always looking for ways to provide even more value to our users. Contact us to let us know your ideas.

Is Rig CallOut available in multiple languages?

Yes. Right now Rig CallOut is in English, and aspects of the system and app are available in Spanish.

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