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It all Started with an Idea

When How You've Always Done It - Doesn't Do It. 

It began with a constant agonizing question...


"Why is it I can find any Apple product I own, anywhere in the world in 10 seconds; but I cannot find out where $1,000,000 worth of pipe is traveling across the country with smartphones in the cab of the truck?”


I asked myself this question over and over as I was chasing trucks on the weekends, while coaching many of my son's soccer games, or sitting in the office answering as to why my outbound sales calls were so low. Big chunks of my time in the office were spent checking up on trucks and locating late trucks instead of growing my business. Some would say I was micromanaging, others would say I was providing a higher level of service. Some carriers allowed us to portal into their fleet systems for those updates, but it took just as long to learn all those systems and to disseminate the vague information provided.

It wasn’t until I left the industry and started missing those amazing people supporting the oilfield that I decided it was finally time to BE the answer to that nagging question I kept asking myself.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I wanted to create different results by refusing to do it the way we always did it! However, nothing existed to effectively do it another way.


So I founded RigCallOut.


Rig CallOut is not only the answer to the question so many people in the oilfield face; it’s a deep dive into solving ALL of the problems that exist in the oilfield supply chain.


My team is hard at work identifying all the things that distract you from the special moments in life!


Call us, we’re happy to listen and get to work helping to solve your problems.

Here’s to the sanctity of family. I’m thankful to have mine!



Ryan Hunt

Founder and CEO

Ryan Hunt Founder and CEO of Rig CallOut

See How We Help You Get Your Life Back

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