What is the IoSC?

The Internet of Supply Chain and Rig CallOut are Changing How Things Get Done in the Oilfield.  

Just 25 years ago many people had no idea how the internet worked. A system of interconnected files putting information a mouse click away. It was new. It was unreliable. It was slow. None-the-less, it literally changed the entire world. 


Less than 10 years ago we saw the entrance of the Internet of Things (IoT). The concept was simple. Connect devices to the internet. Make them smarter, make them work WITH each other. It was new. Not a lot of machines were connected. Today it is changing manufacturing, robotics, even your home. 


Enter the Internet of Supply Chain. The IoSC. It is connecting your entire supply chain. Rig CallOut created this new "category" of technology and business. The idea is simple, yet technologically advanced. Connecting all aspects of your supply chain together on one platform makes it sleeker, faster, smarter and less fallible. Creating the IoSC allows you to concentrate less on making sure people do what they say they'll do, and making sure things get where they are supposed to go - and more on what you need to do. 

Get more done with the IoSC on your side. More reliable shipments. Less back and forth phone calls. Less non-productive time. All accomplished by putting your supply chain on a single, easy to use, digital communications platform. Dispatchers, drivers, suppliers, end users - all communicating in one place. Click. Done.  

How it Works

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Groundbreaking technology designed for the specific communication and delivery issues the oil and gas industry experiences.  

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Intuitive cloud-based communication platform, brings suppliers, trucking companies, drivers, end user E&P and Midstream companies under one system from project inception through delivery completion.

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Providing the transparency to see what’s happening with any shipment at any point in time and communicate in unison, eliminating false data and the dreaded telephone game.

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Delivering accountability through detailed product load information, digitized shipping and load documents, real-time tracking, and time stamps of pick-ups and stops, and more.


Rig CallOut allows you to see issues as they happen, whenever they happen. You will always know exactly where your deliveries are.

No more surprise emergencies from late or lost trucks. Ever.

Rig CallOut and the IoSC offer Last Mile Visibility unlike any other piece of technology available. 

It's Dr. Recommended!