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My Truck is Late and

I’m Sure the Driver is…

If you tell anyone in the oilfield “My truck is late,” you’ll likely get a similar response, “Think the driver is goofing off?” Driving for a living inherently provides more freedom than desk related jobs, so immediately people jump to link that freedom with irresponsibility. 


Hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but when your truck driver is late, he’s probably NOT winning thousands at a casino, blowing off steam in Tijuana, or otherwise goofing off. He’s likely dealing with ELD mandates, lines at another site or yard, a ‘Smokey,’ or worse yet, complications with his truck. 

There’s a very “us versus them” mentality between the oilfield and drivers. It’s time to end that old-fashioned thinking. Drivers don’t want to be late any more than you want them to be. Being late costs them just like it costs you. Liability, loss of money, loss of back-haul and more.

Rig CallOut is here to end the old-fashioned thinking and give everyone visibility to deliveries in the oilfield.  


“You’ll never get drivers to buy in on this. They don’t want to be visible.” This is most everyone’s first thought when they hear about us. It’s simply not true – and part of the old-fashioned thinking.


Drivers just don’t want to be hassled. They don’t want to be completely invisible. There’s a big difference. 


Drivers don’t want to report what they’re doing every second just like anyone doesn’t want their boss micromanaging every detail of their job. They don’t want to pull over to take another call asking where they are. It will just make them even later. So, they don’t take the call.


They don’t want to tell you they’re still in line at the yard, they told you an hour ago. So, they don’t take the call.


They don’t want to tell you they have a flat, they just want to fix the flat and get moving. They’re on tight schedules and deal with a lot of roadblocks (pun intended). 


Rig CallOut removes the check-in calls, hassles, micromanaging, and babysitting. A driver simply opens the app and clicks a simple button at each stage of the process. Then everyone else in the field can see what is going on with the load. No need for check-in calls. No defensiveness to accusations or assumed accusations. No avoidance. Just hassle-free visibility. 


Does Rig CallOut prevent a flat tire? No. Does Rig CallOut eliminate traffic? No. Does Rig CallOut eliminate the lines at a yard? No. But it lets everyone know about these things so everyone can plan their resources accordingly.


Without a million check-in calls. Without wondering where your delivery is.


We remove the headaches, hassles and annoyances around oilfield deliveries.


Check it out. Your driver will thank you.

See it in action.


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