Revolutionizing the Oilfield Supply Chain 

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Latest Press Releases

Miss-Lou Pipe Brings Visibility
Miss-Lou Pipe Brings Visibility and Accountability to the Natchez area oilfield.
Frost & Sullivan Speaking Engagement
Ryan Hunt has been asked to speak at the Frost & Sullivan Innovations in Oilfield Supply Chain event
Most Innovative Supply Chain Tech
RCO Awarded "Most Innovative Oil and Gas Supply Chain Communication Platform"
ValveSystems Improves Reliability
ValveSystems Improves Shipment Reliability
FJ Transport Enhances Service
FJ Enhances service with a Rig CallOut license.
Vista Pipe Joins the Revolution
Vista Pipe Joins the Revolution
Black Ice Improves Reliability
Black Ice Improves Reliability
Rig CallOut Releases Platform Demos
Get a Demonstration of the Rig CallOut Platform
Rig CallOut Revolutionizes Oil & Gas
Rig CallOut provides oilfield supply chain visibility.
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Weekly News Compilations

The Rig Count Weekly
Rig CallOut provides a weekly newsletter with the rig count.
The Oilfield Trucking Weekly
Rig CallOut provides a weekly newsletter about oilfield trucking.
The Oil Prices Weekly
Rig CallOut provides a weekly newsletter about oil prices.
The Metal Market Weekly
Rig CallOut curates a weekly newsletter about steel prices.
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