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Portal Overload: The Oilfield

Supply Chain is Covered in Band-Aids

The last mile of the oilfield supply chain is one of the most critical points to control costs. It is also, inherently, one of the most uncontrollable areas of the supply chain given the lack of visibility. Factors such as weather, traffic conditions, fuel prices, accidents, mechanical issues and more can lead to increased costs, yet are completely out of anyone’s control. These issues are multiplied in the oilfield over most any other industry since these deliveries are not simply going to a warehouse, they are typically delivering to remote and rural GPS coordinates. 

"Visibility is critical to be proactive in these conditions. Being proactive gives everyone the agility to reallocate resources and better manage wasteful expenses.

Ryan Hunt, Founder and CEO of Rig CallOut

Trucking companies are probably more aware than anyone in the oilfield of how critical and ungovernable the last mile is, and they typically have a fleet management or TMS system to help them internally track resources. Some of these companies even give suppliers and end users the ability to portal into their system to see global outbound freight. This service is great for small, regular, shipments, using a single carrier. But unfortunately, that is not usually the situation for companies in the oilfield. Almost every oilfield company is managing multiple shipments with different carriers. Many have dozens of people managing several hundred, or even a thousand, deliveries for a large number of customers. For these companies it is simply faster to pick up the phone and call dispatch, or sit on hold, rather than try to manage login information and login to multiple systems and disseminate the data. Adoption is often times very low due to lack of familiarity with multiple platforms.


These Band-Aid portals are quite common. However, they are not always viewed as incredibly useful. If one company deals with just 10 companies a week – that’s over 10 systems to manage. Each having a different set of rules and each providing different information. Trucking company portals quickly become far too cumbersome for even a medium sized oilfield company.


This is where RigCallOut and the Internet of Supply Chain (IoSC) enter the picture. No matter who you are working with, no matter how many carriers or vendors you use for even a single delivery, the data you need to run a smooth operation stays on a single platform. You are not bound to individual portals for each carrier.  


Additionally, Rig CallOut is not funded, owned, or managed by any oilfield companies, suppliers or trucking companies...your data is safe and secure from your competition.


Explore the freedom and visibility a single Internet of Supply Chain technology could give your company.

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