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Rig CallOut Releases Platform Demos

St. Louis, MO - The Oil and Gas Industry's newest tech startup, Rig CallOut has released a demo video and personalized guided demonstrations of the new platform as the final stage of their countdown to commercial launch. 

Rig CallOut is a first of its kind technology company connecting the entire oil and gas supply chain - suppliers, trucking companies, drivers, end user E&P and Midstream companies - in one place. The platform brings unrivaled visibility and accountability to the oilfield allowing Rig CallOut to make the bold claim of "No more surprise late or lost trucks. Ever."

The demonstration video highlights how Rig CallOut improves the oilfield supply chain. 

Less distractions. 

Less phone calls. 

Less non-productive time.

Using intuitive technology and a simple to operate cloud-based application, Rig CallOut brings everyone together under one system, from project inception through delivery completion, to communicate in unison.  The platform helps eliminate false data, language barriers, distractions from the dreaded telephone game, guesstimated ETAs, and reduces non-productive time.  Users get access to detailed product load information, digitized shipping and load documents, real time tracking, and even time stamps of pick-ups and stops. Truck drivers get access to step by step directions – integral when delivering to remote locations. Most importantly, Rig CallOut allows everyone 360° visibility in their communication and up-to-the-minute, accurate ETAs.


The demonstration video highlights the most important system details including maps, ETA calculations, notifications, multi-lingual functionality, and an overview of the simple CallOut creation and acceptance process.


     As anyone who works in the oil and gas industry can tell you, too much time is wasted finding and tracking trucks, putting out fires related to late deliveries and false information, and trying to manage language barriers,” says Ryan Hunt, Rig CallOut Founder and CEO. “Rig CallOut eliminates these issues and automates the communication process. Which allows suppliers, end users, trucking companies and drivers to track their shipments and receive accurate ETAs auto-magically. This allows the people on the rig site to be proactive and better plan for the arrival of their equipment. Proactive business is better than reactive business, and can be the difference between success and failure,” asserts Hunt.

Rig CallOut is already live to a few pioneering companies in the oil and gas industry. There will be a full product launch with widespread availability across the oilfield to follow. 

Rig CallOut is a first-of-its-kind technology company, using intuitive technology and a robust communications platform to connect the entire supply chain within the Oil & Gas Industry. The company is bringing unrivaled visibility to the industry. 


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