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FJ Transport to Eliminate Surprise Late Trucks

HOUSTON, TX – FJ Transport, a leader in oilfield transportation in Houston, just announced an industry disrupting decision to enhance their service with a Rig CallOut Enterprise License. Rig CallOut provides advanced geo-location technology and an incredibly simple to operate, cloud-based communication application to bring unrivaled accountability and visibility to the oilfield supply chain resulting in 24/7 delivery location intelligence, reduced non-productive time and increased overall profitability.

The application provides total supply chain transparency. Product load info, location details, ETAs and more, can be reported and viewed at the click of a button; resulting in more reliable and profitable operations.

Less distractions. 

Less phone calls. 

Rig CallOut allows everyone in the oilfield; suppliers, trucking companies and drivers, midstream companies, and upstream companies to communicate and view exact details of shipments in one place in real-time. The technology creates accountability and fosters reliability, allowing FJ Transport to provide their clients 24/7 visibility to every load they carry – while eliminating the need for endless check-in phone calls.

We are incredibly excited to bring Rig CallOut to our drivers, and the companies who rely on us to provide timely transportation. Rig CallOut gives us and the entire oilfield brighter future, one with more accountability and reduced expenses," said Faivel Cifuentes, Owner of FJ Transport 

FJ Transport’s industry dominating decision to partner with Rig CallOut as an early adopter of the technology supports the company’s goal to become the best oilfield trucking company in Texas.

With Rig CallOut, users enter details of their shipments and can add everyone involved in a delivery to the system. This allows everyone; from the supplier, to the trucking dispatchers and drivers, to the end user awaiting the deliveries; to have a dashboard displaying shipment progress. Users receive real-time ETAs, automated updates via email and text, digital documents and more. The application puts everyone in the loop, so the second a shipment slows everyone knows, giving them the agility to adjust and redeploy resources.


“With Rig CallOut we’ll be able to provide remarkable service levels to our customers. We’ll also be able to easily track brokered loads. However, we are most excited to eliminate the communication issues and back and forth check-in phone calls so often associated oilfield trucking,” Mr. Cifuentes declared.

Drivers have welcomed the Rig CallOut technology.


“Vaya pues está cosa esta pero magnifico,” exclaimed one driver during training. Translation: “This is magnificent!”


Rig CallOut provides the freedom drivers seek, while eliminating the constant check-in calls previously required.

The Rig CallOut app is very simple for drivers to navigate, and it even geofences the driver’s location to make it that much easier. Drivers simply accept a CallOut, and click a button when loading, driving and unloading. Everyone else, dispatchers, suppliers, and end users are all able to see that, which eliminates the need for anyone to call and check on the driver’s location or ETA. “Our dispatchers and drivers have welcomed this new technology– they look forward to spending less time with check-in calls and updates,” added Mr. Cifuentes.


“Late deliveries disrupt operations in the oilfield. A single late truck can cause detention fees, equipment holdover fees, specialty crew waiting time, and even loss of backhaul. This can quickly reduce profitability for everyone,” explained Rig CallOut CEO, Ryan Hunt. “Rig CallOut gives everyone in the oilfield 360° supply chain visibility – complete with a delivery’s current location and expected ETA. With our technology, workers in the oilfield can plan deliveries down to the minute and eliminate costly Non-Productive Time (NPT); and trucking dispatchers can more accurately schedule back hauls. FJ Transport’s adoption of our application will improve their service levels and keep their drivers safe and happy.”



About FJ Transport

Our mission at FJ Transport is to serve our customers with best in class transportation while fostering accountability, profitability and safety. We uphold our promises and deliver your products on-time and in-budget.

Rig CallOut is a first of its kind IoSC technology using advanced GPS and a robust communications platform to connect the entire supply chain within the Oil & Gas Industry. The company is bringing visibility to the industry unlike anything ever experienced before.


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