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Miss-Lou Pipe Pioneers Accountability and Reliability in Natchez Area Oilfield Supply Chain

NATCHEZ, MS – Miss-Lou Pipe & Equipment, LLC, is introducing unprecedented accountability and visibility to oilfield customers in the Mississippi & Louisiana area with a license from Internet Supply Chain provider Rig CallOut. With an incredibly simple to operate, cloud-based communication platform and advanced geo-location technology, Rig CallOut allows Miss-Lou Pipe to unite the entire supply chain under a single system and gives everyone reliable, up-to-the-minute shipment ETAs resulting in reduced Non-Productive Time (NPT) and increased profitability.


Miss-Lou Pipe’s adoption of Rig CallOut directly supports the company’s overall mission to help local customers obtain Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) at competitive prices with local inventory convenience. The platform will help Miss-Lou Pipe’s customers complete more projects faster, with less expense and fewer delivery headaches.


“We founded our company with a vision that local customers deserve the opportunity to source OCTG competitively,” started Ryan Marchbanks, Miss-Lou Pipe’s Vice President of Sales and Logistics. “That vision isn’t just about price, it’s about service and relationships. We want to help our customers experience success. Using Rig CallOut to track our deliveries will ensure our customers not only get the pipe they need at the lowest price, but that they will have the visibility to see the location of their pipe from the minute they order it, and will be able to proactively plan for an exact delivery time, further reducing intangible costs,” Marchbanks concluded.

Rig CallOut gives long-awaited visibility to suppliers, like Miss-Lou Pipe and Equipment, trucking companies and drivers, and oilfield end users. With the system, everyone communicates and receives exact details of shipments in unison. From the intuitive dashboard everyone can see product load info, time stamped pick-ups and stops, location details, ETAs and more, resulting in less check-in calls, no unexpected late deliveries and more profitable operations.


“Rig CallOut is going to be incredibly easy to implement, and the training they have provided to our staff and the drivers we use is comprehensive and indispensable,” stated Marchbanks. “We are very excited to be the first in our region to roll this out, it is huge for the overall profitability of our customers’ oilfield projects. The Rig CallOut technology basically allows us to hold our customer’s hand from order all the way to delivery – without a single phone call. The minute a delivery slips off schedule everyone will know, so our customers will have time to adjust scheduling and resources – a fundamental advantage our competitors aren’t offering,” touted Marchbanks.


“The oilfield supply chain is fragmented and inefficient. Late and lost deliveries are prevalent and even commonplace - yet a single late delivery, even just an hour late can halt operations and cost a company thousands of dollars,” claimed Ryan Hunt, Founder and CEO of Rig CallOut. “Our technology galvanizes the supply chain and works to eliminate surprise late and lost deliveries. It grants a level of accountability, visibility, and reliability never experienced before in the oilfield. Miss-Lou Pipe & Equipment’s decision to implement Rig CallOut will further help them cement their reputation for incredible customer service,” endorsed Hunt.



About Miss-Lou Pipe & Equipment, LLC

Miss-Lou Pipe & Equipment was founded nearly 25 years ago with the vision that local customers deserve the opportunity to obtain Oil Country Tubular Goods at competitive prices with the convenience of local inventory. Miss-Lou Pipe continues to be successful by adapting and changing inventory and services to better fit the need of existing and new customers. Learn more about their company at

Rig CallOut is a first of its kind IoSC technology using advanced GPS and a robust communications platform to connect the entire supply chain within the Oil & Gas Industry. The company is bringing visibility to the industry unlike anything ever experienced before.


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