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Most Innovative Oil & Gas

Supply Chain Communication Platform 2019

ST. LOUIS, MO – Rig CallOut just earned the "Most Innovative Oil and Gas Supply Chain Communication Platform" award in Global Energy News’ fourth annual showcase. The Oil & Gas Awards are designed to highlight the talent and dedication of the many firms and individuals who are advancing the oilfield across the globe.

Kaven Cooper, Awards Coordinator, commented on the success of the award recipients:

"With current environmental warnings and a rise for demand in renewable energy, companies in the Oil and Gas industry strive for cleaner, and more sustainable techniques to stay ahead of the game. Congratulations to all my winners, including Rig CallOut, and best of luck going forward.”

According to the article published by Global Energy News, the oilfield supply chain is currently fragmented and operating blindly, shipping millions of dollars of equipment with nothing more than a hope that it arrives on time. Rig CallOut is a first-of-its-kind technology designed to remove the blindfold and bring a proactive solution with unprecedented visibility and accountability to the entire supply chain.


“We are thrilled to receive this award,” beamed Rig CallOut Founder and CEO, Ryan Hunt. “The visibility Rig CallOut provides is vital for companies in the oilfield as late shipments have become an epidemic. This problem has gone untreated and been accepted as an industry precaution for far too long. A single late delivery, even just an hour late can halt operations and cost a company thousands of dollars. The losses rise exponentially when a truck is 12, 24, or even 48 hours late. At this point, the problem causes more than profitability issues; vendor relationships can be irreparably damaged. We’re working very hard to help alleviate the supply chain issues faced in the oilfield,” he concluded.


According to Global Energy News, “Rig CallOut’s success can be directly attributed to its dedication to driving change in the oilfield supply chain. Their focus on innovation will undoubtedly continue into the future, with Rig CallOut set to undertake even more exciting projects over the coming months. The firm ambitiously aims to create a proactive oilfield supply chain with no more surprise late trucks, no more annoying check-in calls and reduced non-productive time.”


About Global Energy News

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Rig CallOut is a first of its kind IoSC technology using advanced GPS and a robust communications platform to connect the entire supply chain within the Oil & Gas Industry. The company is bringing visibility to the industry unlike anything ever experienced before.


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