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ValveSystems to Improve Shipment Reliability

DENVER, CO – ValveSystems, Inc., a leading specialty valve provider for midstream companies in the oil and gas industry, made an innovative move to improve their industry dominating service offering with an Enterprise License for Rig CallOut’s IoSC application. Rig CallOut provides advanced geo-location technology and an incredibly simple to operate, cloud-based communication platform to bring unprecedented visibility and accountability to the oilfield supply chain. The technology allows ValveSystems to offer their midstream clients incredibly reliable, up-to-the-minute shipment ETAs resulting in reduced Non-Productive Time (NPT) and increased profitability.

Rig CallOut allows suppliers, like ValveSystems, trucking companies, and oilfield end users to communicate exact details of shipments in one place.

Less distractions. 

Less phone calls. 

From detailed product load info to time stamped pick-ups and stops, the application gives everyone in the supply chain complete transparency in communication, location details, ETAs and more, resulting in less time consuming and more profitable operations.

ValveSystems’ decision to adopt Rig CallOut into their delivery practices is progressive and representative of the company’s overall mission to reduce midstream companies’ costs, lead times and headaches.

Accurate ETAs are incredibly important for our oilfield customers. Specialized products like our valves can sometimes involve long lead times, and depending on when the company places the order, every hour matters. Anything we can do to ensure the fastest guaranteed delivery time once the valve is ready to ship is of the utmost importance to us,” explained ValveSystems Account Executive, Nikhil Dandavati.

Rig CallOut is simple to implement. Users enter details of their shipments and can add everyone involved in a delivery to the system. This allows the supplier, trucking dispatch team, drivers, and end users to provide and receive up to the minute details. Which, in turn, allows the companies expecting the deliveries to plan for the arrival of their products down to the minute. The application puts everyone in the loop, so the second a shipment slows everyone knows, giving them time to adjust scheduling and redeploy resources.


“Rig CallOut is providing the reliability and visibility we need. The system will allow us to load our equipment for delivery and provide our customers an ETA with confidence. No more ‘hoping’ something arrives on time. No more check-in calls to determine the location of a shipment,” concluded Dandavati.


“Late and lost deliveries in the oilfield are an epidemic,” stated Rig CallOut Founder and CEO Ryan Hunt. “One that has gone untreated and been accepted as an industry precaution for far too long. A single late delivery, even just an hour late can halt operations and cost a company thousands of dollars. Imagine the repercussions when it is 12 or 24 hours late. At that point the problem begins to cause more than profitability issues; vendor relationships can be irreparably damaged,” continued Hunt. “Our technology grants a level of visibility and reliability never experienced before in the oilfield. ValveSystems’ adoption of Rig CallOut will unquestionably improve their client relationships and help the companies who choose them keep their projects on time and on budget.”

About ValveSystems, Inc.


ValveSystems Inc. has been providing specialty oil and gas valving, and unmatched customer support to midstream customers for more than 30 years. They are committed to creating customized solutions to safely transport, process, or hold products. ValveSystems succeeds with accuracy, personal responsibility, and hustle.

Rig CallOut is a first of its kind IoSC technology using advanced GPS and a robust communications platform to connect the entire supply chain within the Oil & Gas Industry. The company is bringing visibility to the industry unlike anything ever experienced before.


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