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Small Price. Huge Value.

Rig CallOut is priced on an annual contract, and can be charged monthly, quarterly or annually.


The overall investment is determined by the number of people you have who will use the system and the number of shipments you believe you will track.

This is different for every company.

The commonality among every company in the oilfield is the value Rig CallOut provides.

Rig CallOut Value

A single “catastrophic” shipment event could cost more than a decade of Rig CallOut. In fact a much milder, second tier catastrophic event in your supply chain, would cost more than a one year license.

The daily tedium of endless check-in phone calls, a shipment that is just a couple hours off schedule and requires standby time, a shipment that is late enough to miss a back haul, a shipment that is missing parts or has the wrong parts – these are all minor when looked at individually. But they add up. An investment in Rig CallOut will be far less than what you spend on these annoyances. Every. Single. Day.  

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