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Rig CallOut is a lot of Things…

But it is NOT

Being a new, and really the only, Internet of Supply Chain technology in the oilfield, we get a lot of questions about what we do. In fact, many people often assume they know what we do – and they’re usually wrong.

So, we put this together to help you understand what we do, or more accurately, what we don’t do.

We are not a trucking company. There’s not much to explain here. We do not own any trucks. We do not transport anything anywhere.


We are not an Exploration and Production or Midstream company. We do not drill wells. We do not build pipelines. We do not move any oil in any fashion. We are just here to help you do everything that has to do with field operations more efficiently.


We are not an oilfield service company or distributor. We do not supply any products or equipment to the oilfield. No pipe. No drill bits. No sand. No water. We just give you visibility to the products you buy and sell in the oilfield when they are out for delivery.


We are not a Fleet or ELD system. These technologies include a range of functions, such as vehicle maintenance, fleet tracking and diagnostics, driver management, speed management, fuel management and health and safety management. Fleet Management improves efficiency, productivity, and reduction of overall transportation costs, and compliance with government legislation. Though our system may assist with some of these needs - it is not the primary purpose of our technology.


We are not ANOTHER TMS system for you to deal with. TMS platforms include functions such as planning, transport execution (rate acceptance/dispatching), transportation reception, clearance, documents, forecasts, measurement and reporting. While these are great solutions for visibility, efficiency, safety and government compliance for trucking companies; they provide little to no value to the customers of the trucking companies and the people receiving deliveries from the trucking company. We are more than this – we are a universal, collaborative, supply chain platform.

We are a first-of-its-kind Internet of Supply Chain technology. We connect everyone in the oilfield – suppliers, trucking companies, drivers, upstream, midstream and off-shore companies – on one single platform to help ensure visibility and accountability in oilfield deliveries.

We help people on a rig-site or at a right-of-way, or even those off-shore to know exactly where their deliveries are from the moment they place the order.


We help suppliers know where their orders are in the delivery process, and ensure the correct items are being delivered.


We help dispatchers field less questions by giving everyone visibility to the shipment.


We help drivers take less check-in calls and concentrate more on getting deliveries where they need to be by giving them a simple app and geo-fencing location of products safely.


RigCallOut is here to stamp its name on the Internet of Supply Chain (IoSC) category and own it. We provide access to everyone who needs delivery information, on one platform, no matter how many suppliers and trucking companies you wish to use.

Rig CallOut is the next evolution of supply chain visibility. 

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