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Less Distractions. More Intelligence.

Rig CallOut's advaned GPS tracking technology and communications platfor

How We Help

Our system uses advanced GPS tracking technology and a robust communications platform to track your deliveries going to the oilfield and simplify the management of your shipments.

Rig CallOut helps anyone in the oilfield

Who We Help

Oilfield equipment and service suppliers

Trucking companies / Drivers / Brokers 

Exploration & Production and Midstream end users

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Our Technology

Rig CallOut notifies you (and anyone you want to know) the second your shipment falls behind schedule. You can see and communicate issues – traffic delays, truck problems, etc. without a single phone call required.

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Your Results

You receive real-time up-to-the-minute ETAs for every delivery. You never have to wonder again if your shipment will arrive on-time. You can stop chasing trucks and arguing liability. 

Discover the Tailored Solutions

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E&P Midstream Oil and Gas Company Using

Other Systems Don't Compare

This is more than a fleet system. Rig CallOut is a comprehensive platform that creates complete visibility for all parties within the last mile of the oilfield supply chain. Rig CallOut helps you eliminate surprise late and lost trucks. Rig CallOut picks up where other systems leave off. 

We're the Internet of Supply Chain. 

Rig CallOut Features

Rig CallOut is secure by design, powered by the Google Cloud Platform. 

You Don't Have to be "That Guy" Who Deals with Late Shipments - Check it Out!

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