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It is for Your Customers and Vendors.

And You

Rig CallOut was built by the oilfield for the oilfield. It benefits every single person in the field.


Suppliers, Trucking Companies – Dispatchers and Drivers, Upstream Companies, Midstream Companies and even Offshore Companies.


Waiting for your customers or vendors to get on-board is a mistake. Once they’re on-board, you’ve already been left behind – and may have lost out to whoever brought them on-board.


Rig CallOut is setup so once you get on-board you can bring your entire network for free. But they only get access when they work with YOU. Until they get their own license to share with their entire network.


Be the company who INSPIRES visibility and accountability in the oilfield. Introduce a REAL competitive advantage to working with you. Become indispensable to your supply chain.


It takes 5 minutes to get a demo and see all the benefits. We can even show you ways to earn discounts and get a free trial with current users.

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