Less Phone Calls. More Time.

Finding trucks and tracking oilfield shipments takes away time you could be using to grow your business.

See where your deliveries are at all times. 

Know the exact status of a truck - loading, driving, breaking, unloading.

Track brokered loads too! Be more cost conscious with visibility.

Intuitive dashboard lets you see your projects individually or your entire book of business altogether.  

Invoice Faster 

With digital shipping documents, you no longer have to wait for documents to be emailed when drivers return to their terminal.

Immediate BOL’s and tallies let you invoice faster.

POD uploads foster faster payments. 

Instant access to documents and photos lets you review important files in real-time. 

Real-Time ETAs

The minute a truck encounters a problem you and everyone on the project gets notified without a single phone call.

Driver event time stamps provide accurate data to work with.

Stop waiting until overtime to find out a truck isn't covered.

Know the actual cause of a late truck and who is responsible.

No More Surprise Late or Lost Trucks

Rig CallOut lets you be proactive, not reactive. 

Custom notification settings give you control on how much information you get.

Track loads without calls or texts. No more update calls. 

Oilfield transportation is complex, but it doesn't have to be complicated. What is the time you spend dealing with late or lost trucks worth?

See How We Solve these Oilfield Problems

Don't Get Robbed - Play.png

End the Back and Forth Calls

Say goodbye to the telephone game. 

Don't Jack It Up - Play.png
Stop Arguing Liability - Play.png

Stop Shipping Related Emergencies

Be proactive. Stop putting out fires!

Stop Arguing Liability

Always know the exact status of a delivery. 

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