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Get the precise status of a truck - loading, driving, taking a break, unloading. Even brokered loads.

Receive real-time ETA's.


Stop down-time and NPT for your customers.


Expose the actual cause of a problem and who is responsible.


Locate shipments anywhere, anytime.

Intuitive dashboard gives you quick data visualization for individual shipments or your entire book of business at once – with custom branded icons!

Rig CallOut - Oilfield Suppliers - Real-time shipment status and location.jpg

Real-Time Shipment Status & Location. Anytime. Anywhere.

Know when a load is at risk of missing a deadline long before it happens. Keep everyone informed without a single call. It’s like an “online, automated, real-time, live” trucking sheet.
Speed kills the competition and on-time deliveries win customers. With Rig CallOut you can provide a supply chain experience that keeps your customers coming back.

More Info. Less Hassle.

Get More than a Competitive Advantage. Get Competitive Supremacy.


TMS in Your Pocket

Integrated Transportation Management System (TMS) Capabilities 

A TMS with distribution as it’s foundation.

Load Tendering System

Freight Bidding Tool 

Rates Database System

Yard Appointment Scheduling

Ocean Vessel Management

Carrier invoicing tools

Transportation Performance Analytics 


Prevent Overbilling with FieldView®

Rig CallOut tracks people in and out of location.

Hold contractors, techs, and employees accountable for time on the job site.

Instant field document/ticket transfers and submission.

Digital Document Transfer

Digital shipping documents mean you never have to wait on documents from all parties.

Immediate POD, BOL, MTR’s, shipping tallies and load images.

Instant access to documents and photos lets you review important files in real-time.  

Imagine knowing if loads are strapped down safely.


External API Connects Your Systems for Real-Time Visibility. 

Easy integration with your current systems.

Get accountability & statistical validation with data insight on vendor performance.

Use real-time field data however you want, whenever when you want.


RigCallOut delivers complex, fragmented supply chain data & processes simply in one place. Big Data that is valuable to YOU, your CUSTOMER, the field, operations, accounting, supply chain, IT, data scientists, and all the vendors that support your company.

Rig CallOut helps your entire supply chain be proactive, not reactive. 

Custom notification settings give you control of how much information you get.

Tracking with no calls or texts. No more update or check-in calls!

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