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We're Inspired by People and Technology

Harnessing the true power of data takes an army. Doing it for the oilfield takes visionaries.

We have a team of experts versed in the oilfield, supply chain, statistics, data, and technology who have the tenacity to work through the barriers created by “the way it has always been done.”




Founder & CEO

Obsessed with finding a better way of doing things, I have always taken a front-end approach to solving problems. I don’t run from obstacles, but rather face them head-on to solve them. I am forward thinking, enterprising, and on top of the latest trends that transition into the future of business. My number one goal is to harness the power of supply chain data through technology to make your business more profitable. 




Customer On-boarding & Success Specialist

As a bilingual Customer Onboarding & Success Specialist my goal is to ensure Rig CallOut users are set up for success from the very beginning. I aim to make sure no questions are unanswered, and that you find using our platform as easy as navigating your phone! I’ll help you get the data you need to improve your supply chain and bottom line.




Business Development Manager

My goal is to improve the oil and gas industry supply chain through revolutionary technology and limitless data. I’m helping customers like you get REAL real-time ETAs, reduce non-productive time, and eliminate back and forth phone calls chasing deliveries.  My goal is to help you create efficiencies through better supply chain data and improve your profitability.




Director of Digital Marketing

I am working to revolutionize how companies in the oil and gas industry do business through technology! With a growth-focused digital marketing strategy I help enhance the Rig CallOut brand and introduce this new technology to the oilfield. Showing you the true value of big data in your supply chain.  

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