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Give Your Customers Real-Time Load Information. Automatically. No Driver Interruptions.

More Data for Your Customers. Less Hassle for Your Drivers.

Rig CallOut is the first oilfield shipment technology with you and your drivers in mind. It lets you give your customers and their customers scalable real-time load information automatically. Best of all your drivers will no longer be bothered with check-in calls.

Service kills the competition and on-time deliveries win customers. With Rig CallOut you can provide an oilfield shipment experience that keeps your customers choosing you. 
Rig CallOut gives you more than a competitive advantage. It gives you competitive supremacy. 

Locate shipments anywhere, anytime.

Provide real-time ETA's.

No matter who is hauling – even broker loads.

Brokered loads appear as your own to your customers. 

Reduce NPT and downtime for your customers. Help them save time and money.

Expose the actual cause of a problem and who is responsible.

Allow your dispatch team to operate efficiently.

No GPS hardware required.

RigCallOut delivers all the information your customers need in one simple to use place.

Intuitive dashboard gives you and your customers quick shipment visibility for individual shipments or an entire project – with custom branded icons! 

InstaPay™ gets you paid faster. Lightning fast.

  • Factoring COMPLETELY reimagined!

  • Fund your loads the same day of delivery.

  • Lower rates.

  • Higher debtor limits.

  • Automated documents mean no verification calls to your customers.

Coordinate on Location with FieldView®.

  • Rig CallOut tracks people & services in and out of location.

  • Instant field document | ticket transfers and submission

  • Hold personnel accountable for time on the job site.


  • External API connects you to data for real-time visibility. 

  • Get accountability & statistical validation with data insight on actual vendor performance.

  • Use real-time field data however you want, whenever when you want.

  • Reduce your GPS & logistics costs. 

Rig CallOut Provides Unparalleled Value for:

  • Asset based trucking operators

  • Owner operators

  • Trucking brokers

  • 3PL trucking

  • 4PL trucking

With Rig CallOut your team and customers can see a shipment’s bottleneck hours or even days before it happens.

Arm your drivers and customers with the only oilfield supply chain technology capable of real-time updates fostering proactive decisions in the field without wasting valuable time on the phone waiting for information. 

Offer unprecedented visibility to your customers and their customers – at no charge to them. 

Earn more business. Get paid faster. 

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