Less Check-Ins. More Driving.

Your dispatchers and drivers spend too much time on the phone giving updates, explaining why a truck has stopped and even trying to find remote, unmarked locations.

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Stop the endless check-in calls.

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Dispatchers stop wasting time relaying ETAs.

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No more calls for emergency status updates.

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Track loads - even brokered loads without calls or texts. 

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Keep Your Drivers Safe and Happy

Driver event time stamps allow visibility and communication without phone calls or texts. 

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Focused drivers reduce safety incidents. 

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One touch notifications allow drivers to communicate status, incidents, delays, weather, traffic and more.

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Drivers receive turn by turn directions even on lease roads.

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Faster Payments and Reduced Expenses

Digital shipping documents give you instant access to bill of lading, tallies, and signed POD's for faster invoicing. 

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View documents instantly - no more waiting for a driver to return to the terminal.

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Reduce expenses related to surprise delays and loss of backhaul. 

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Stop arguing liability - know the actual cause of a late truck and who is responsible.

No More Low Adoption Portals

Customers appreciate access to one system for all their deliveries. 

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You will only need one system - Rig CallOut.

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Single system access for your entire supply chain. 

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Stop paying for portals not catered to your business. 

Automate Your Processes

Efficiencies gained with automated updates help you manage larger fleets.

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Rig CallOut lets you be proactive, not reactive. 

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Track your performance and show customers you are reliable and on-time.

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End users and suppliers have access to see their shipments in real time - helping them proactively plan for delivery. 

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Oilfield truck tracking requires more than a simple GPS system; it requires open, real-time communication.


What is the time you spend dealing with late or lost trucks worth?

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Don't Get "Barried" in Calls

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Stop the Headaches from Oilfield Trucking

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