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Unprecedented Visibility and Value

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One Truck Just One Hour Late Could Cost Thousands of Dollars. 

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Equipment Holdover Fees

Specialty Crew Waiting Time


Future Rig Time Loss


Commodity Price Losses


Loss of Back-Haul

What if the wrong equipment was loaded? More expenses.


Rig CallOut gives you control and eliminates the costs associated with surprise late shipments to keep your project on time and on budget. Rig CallOut gives you the agility to immediately adjust and redeploy resources and save thousands of dollars per truckload. Rig CallOut gives you the ability to see what has been loaded as soon as it is loaded to ensure you get the right equipment.


Rig CallOut will help you eradicate non-productive time and needless expenses.

You have been operating blindly when it comes to deliveries. Rig CallOut removes the blindfold. Rig CallOut eliminates communication issues, transforms oilfield logistics and revolutionizes the way you do business.

Complete Transparency


The platform gives everyone visibility to see what’s happening any time with any shipment and communicate in unison. The minute a truck is loaded, everyone knows. The second a shipment falls behind schedule Rig CallOut enables you to proactively adjust and immediately reduce variable costs. 


Faster Invoicing


Everyone receives digitized shipping and load documents, real-time tracking, time stamps of pick-ups and stops, and more auto-magically. Digital documents help ensure the correct items get loaded.


Never wait for BOLs again. Receive them the second the equipment delivers.


Real-Time ETAs


Delivery updates directly from the driver allow REAL real-time ETAs, so everyone can plan for an exact delivery time.

Delivering equipment and services to the oilfield is incredibly complex and involves tight timelines, strict budgets and multiple parties. What may seem like a “minor” delay of minutes or hours could potentially shut down operations, costing you tens of thousands of dollars.


Historically, in the oil and gas industry, communication between the supplier, trucking / logistics companies, and exploration and midstream companies has been fragmented at best. Open, reliable communication is paramount to eliminate the effects of lost or late trucks, decrease non-productive time (NPT), and reduce operational shutdowns and other profit-consuming problems. 

Rig CallOut offers Last Mile Visibility unlike any other piece of technology available. 

                                                  Accountability Revolutionizes Oilfield Logistics and Transportation.

Visibility Drives Accountability. 

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