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Oilfield Humor Videos

Rig CallOut is Mind Blowing
Mind Blowing supply chain technology for the entire oilfield
Late Deliveries? Get a Demooo!
Rig CallOut helps eliminate late deliveries.
Optimization Engineer
Bob the Optimization Engineer has a lot of ideas to improve his supply chain.
See Dick and Jane Fight
Dick and Jane stop fighting in the oilfield with Rig CallOut.
No Foil Hats Required
RCO is a 3rd party provider - your data is safe!
Even Roy Sr. Loves It
Rig CallOut is so simple to use even Ol' Roy loves it.
Be a Supply Chain Hero
Rig CallOut makes you a supply chain hero! Real ETAs. Goodbye surprise late trucks!
Real Visibility - No Bull
Rig CallOut gives the oilfield real visibility and eliminates check-in calls!
Tired of Hassles - Get Rig CallOut
If you're tired of oilfield supply chain hassles - you need Rig CallOut
Rig CallOut is Dr. Recommended
Stop suffering from headaches from too many late trucks.
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Stop the Interruptions
Stop chasing trucks and enjoy your life!
Don't Be Like Uptight Dwight
Get your time back with Rig CallOut.
Don't Get Blindsided
Eliminate surprise late shipments in the oilfield.
Stop Arguing Liability
Never argue liability because of an unexpected late truck again.
Don't Get "Robbed"
Stop wasting valuable time playing phone tag and chasing trucks. Use Rig CallOut.
Don't "Hyde" from Clients
Keep your clients happy with real-time ETAs.
"Bill" Faster
With Rig CallOut's digital documents you can invoice faster.
Don't get "Barried" in Phone Calls
Less Phone Calls. Less Distractions. More Driving.
Don't Be That "Guy"
Say goodbye to surprise late trucks with Rig CallOut
Don't "Jack" It Up
There's an easier way to sell to the oilfield. #Wynning
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Stop Tracking Your Tracking
Track any load no matter who is supplying, shipping or receiving.
Stop Playing Games
Don't Play Games with Your Supply Chain Oilfield
Sign-Up. Create a CallOut. TOTAL VISIBILITY.
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