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What is the Internet of Supply Chain?

Imagine a place where you can capture all your supply chain data in real-time. Customer requirements and preferences, supplier capacities and release information, trucking schedules and ETAs, and basically all the data related to each of your supply chain transactions; in one place. Imagine a place where you can be proactive rather than reactive regarding your oilfield shipments. Imagine a place where you are never surprised by a late or missing delivery again.

That is the Internet of Supply Chain (IoSC).

Rig CallOut created this new "category" of technology and business. The idea is simple, yet technologically advanced. A mutually beneficial supply chain technology to give everyone visibility and inspire accountability. It’s not a dream vision from the future. It is a reality and it is available now. Regardless of who is buying, selling or shipping, Rig CallOut’s IoSC allows everyone to unite under a single platform and have true supply chain visibility for the first time ever.

"The Internet of Supply Chain is not a one-sided platform designed to help a single supplier or trucking company. It is a universal platform that will provide benefits to every person in the supply chain regardless of their role." 

Ryan Hunt, Founder and CEO of Rig CallOut

Rig CallOut’s IoSC is not a one-sided platform setup to benefit one arm of the supply chain, while placing the requirement of conformity upon the other parties. It is a vertically integrated solution devised to provide benefits to every person in the supply chain regardless of their role - dispatchers, drivers, suppliers, and end users. This helps foster adoption of the system.


It is universal for every company. This eliminates barriers of learning multiple technologies.


It uses technology everyone already has and uses. This eliminates the need to purchase and install expensive hardware.


It is hosted by an independent third party. This ensures the safety and integrity of all the data being managed.   


Connecting all aspects of your supply chain together on one platform makes it sleeker, faster, smarter and less fallible. It gives you more reliable shipments, less back and forth phone calls, and less non-productive time. The IoSC allows you to concentrate less on making sure people do what they say they'll do, and making sure things get where they are supposed to go - and more on what you need to do.


The IoSC is changing the way the oilfield does business. It’s eliminating the dreadful shadow cast by “how we’ve always done it.” It’s providing real, actionable information to help companies become more agile with their assets and resources. It is revolutionizing the oilfield supply chain.

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